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Food and Drink tours

Welcome to our italia culinary experience! Join us on an unforgettable culinary tour where you can taste the true flavors of Italy through our cooking classes, gelato making and an exciting lemon tour.

The gelato-making experience will be sweet and refreshing. We’ll guide you through the process of creating authentic itaian gelato using premium local ingredients.

You’ll get to taste the fruit of your labor and discover the unique flavors of Italian gelato.

The lemon tour will take on a journey through the picturesque lemon groves of the Amalfi coast. You’ll learn how local lemons are cultivated and used to create delicacies like limoncello.

Join us for an Italian culinary experience that will delight your senses and reveal the true heart of Italian cuisine.

Book now and get ready to immerse yourself in the Italian culinary culture!!

Ice Cream

Slogan, Keep calm and eat gelato

60 minutes in pleasant company learning how classic Italian artisan gelato is made.

The Master Gelato Maker will attend you providing disposable apron and cap.

The program includes laboratory production of 2 typical local flavors, with tasting of them, and an explanation of how ice cream is made. Our courses are characterized by the involvement of the participants in the production, who together with the master ice cream maker, will collaborate in the pressing of lemons, the preparation of raw materials, the whipping and finally, the tasting of the freshly made ice cream.

At the end of the demonstration, guests will choose a cone with 2 flavors of ice cream at the counter.

Pizza School

Bearded man chef preparing pizza at local business

75 minutes in pleasant company learning how to make Pizza

The experience begins with the arrival of guests at the pizza section, where they are provided with aprons and disposable caps.

The program includes the production of the dough, ingredient preparation, toppings, baking, and consumption of the pizza, accompanied by a choice of soft drink, wine, or beer.

Throughout the various steps performed directly by the guests, the master pizzaiolo will provide valuable tips for creating a delicious pizza even at home!

Guest perks: Pizza School apron and Certificate of Participation.

Limoncello and Cheese Tour

Concept of tasty drink, Limoncello, Italian lemon liqueur

Witness the preparation of freshly made Treccia and Caciottine cheeses, followed by a delightful tasting experience that includes Salami, Ricotta, and the renowned Provolone del Monaco DOP, all accompanied by a glass of exquisite local wine from “Masseria.”

30 Minutes of Enjoyable Company Learning How to Make the Famous Limoncello of Sorrento.

The experience begins with the arrival of guests at the laboratory, where the host explains the process of producing this liqueur and provides valuable tips on how to make it even more aromatic and exquisite.

After tasting the liqueur and other products made with the main ingredient, lemon (such as lemon cream, chocolate-coated lemon peels, confetti, etc.), the tour continues with the Cheese Tour.

An introduction to the agritourism company “Il Turziello” (registered in the Producers’ Association of Provolone del Monaco DOP).

Visit and Light Lunch at the Gragnano Pasta Factory

Various pasta on spoons

Every day, you can witness the live production of the Genuine and Exquisite Artisan Pasta of Gragnano, with a pleasant and informative step-by-step explanation of all the phases involved in the Traditional, Historic, and impeccable pasta-making process. From the dough mixing of durum wheat semolina with the crystal-clear water from the ancient springs of Gragnano to the bronze extrusion, the slow and delicate drying at low temperatures, and the packaging, all under the watchful eye of our pasta maker Antonino Moccia, who daily works with his 32 secrets passed down through three generations. All of this takes place in a pleasant and harmonious setting, with walls adorned with handmade Vietri tiles that evoke the colors of wheat, and modern machinery used in accordance with ancient processing methods. Thanks to the 19th-century equipment and the numerous antique prints, one can relive a magical “journey through time.”

GUIDED TOUR of the production process with comprehensive explanations on the various pasta shapes. Duration: approximately 20-25 minutes.

PROVISIONS: Mandatory Disposable Clothing + Self-Certification Form

Enjoy a tasting of a choice of three different pasta dishes, along with cover charge and homemade bread. Refreshments include still and sparkling water, and a glass of sparkling Gragnano D.O.C. wine.

Go Back in Time!

Warm welcom at the 19th-century-style Showroom

The guests are warmly welcomed at the 19th-century-style Showroom, offering a breathtaking view of Mount Vesuvius reflecting in the Gulf of Naples, where they can also taste the crystal-clear water from the ancient springs of Gragnano.

Served in charming artisan terracotta jugs, the venue features dedicated restrooms for guests, and visitors can also purchase pasta and typical local products.

Experience a new, delightful, and emotional guided tour at our beautiful Artisan Factory, the Pasta, Wine, and Peasant Art Museum at the Locanda della Pasta in Gragnano.

Olive Oil Tour

olive oil and olives

Visit to the Olive Grove with Explanation of Cultivation and Harvesting Techniques. It is crucial for visitors to fully understand the significance of olive harvesting, both in general and particularly in the Sorrento Peninsula. To achieve this, we have created a trail within our olive grove that illustrates this crucial moment in the olive oil production process.

Visit to the Ancient Olive Mill and Presentation of the Traditional Olive Processing Technique. Our history dates back to the 19th century, and it represents a valuable cultural heritage for us. For this reason, we wanted to showcase the tradition of olive processing through an authentic reproduction of a mill from 1840, complete with stone mills and a metal press.

Visit to the Modern Olive Mill and Explanation of the Contemporary Oil Extraction Technique. After exploring the ancient processing methods, we move on to the modern approach, which may be less captivating but undoubtedly ensures higher quality and safety standards. It will be fascinating to witness the various stages of olive processing up close.

Discover Oil Cultivation and Techniques

Olive Oil, the Mediterranean Condiment.

Technical Olive Oil Tasting and Bread with Olive Oil Sampling. Lastly, the tasting phase is essential, allowing you to deepen your knowledge of this fundamental element of Mediterranean cuisine. We will guide you through the tasting of our oils, helping you perceive their aromas, flavors, and even their flaws.

Cooking Class in the Sorrento and Amalfi Coast

A woman showing a big basket full of fresh lemons.

During the 2-hour cooking class, you will receive step-by-step instructions on creating authentic Sorrento-style pizza and gnocchi, combining the techniques and flavors of this remarkable area.

For the 3-course cooking class option, you’ll have the chance to prepare and savor a delicious pasta dish, complemented by your choice of meat or fish, and ending with a delightful dessert. To enhance your experience, we provide a selection of wines, Prosecco, water, and Limoncello.

For those seeking a more comprehensive culinary journey, our 4-course cooking class includes an appetizer, followed by pasta, a main course of either meat or fish, and a tantalizing dessert. Throughout the class, you’ll have the pleasure of enjoying wine, Prosecco, water, and Limoncello.

Our experienced and passionate instructors will guide you through each step, sharing their knowledge and techniques, ensuring that you not only learn but also have a memorable and enjoyable time in the process.

Immerse yourself in the flavors of the Sorrento and Amalfi Coast, discovering the secrets of local cuisine and mastering the art of preparing these beloved dishes. Whether you opt for the 2-hour or 3/4-course cooking class, it promises to be an unforgettable experience filled with culinary delights and the breathtaking beauty of the coast.

Learn Sorrento and Amalfi Coast cooking secrets

In the most beautiful locations!

If you’re seeking a one-day cooking class experience, we offer you the opportunity to indulge in one of the most beautiful locations: the Sorrento and Amalfi Coast.

This experience begins with an introduction to the local cuisine, providing guests with an understanding of the culinary traditions of the region. Then, the real fun begins with an informative and enjoyable cooking lesson.

Pizza Lesson

Handsome pizzaiolo making pizza at kitchen in pizzeria.

Learn how to make classic neaples' pizza

Guests will try their hand at preparing typical local dishes assisted by true cooking masters. Each participant will be equipped with his apron and certificate of participation.

The proposal certainly represents a way to spend relaxing and amusing hours, among tomatoes, mozzarella, lemons. After lunch some dishes made.

Lunch and tasting of Vesuvius wines

spaghetti pasta with tomato sauce in white bowl


Appetizer: Bruschetta with cherry tomatoes, salami, cheese and typical Neapolitan casatiello
Bread of the day with oil
Spaghetti with sauce
Dessert (Neapolitan pastiera)
Tasting of 4 wines: Lacryma christi del Vesuvio white, red and rosé of the vintage, + Lacryma christi del Vesuvio red “reserve” sealing wax vend.2006+. Vesuvius apricot distillate or “CAPAFRESCA” rose sparkling wine.

Lunch and visit Vesuvium wineyards

Guided visits to the vineyards and cellars in some farmhouses on Vesuvius.

The farm is 11 hectares of vineyards specialized in the production of Vesuvius DOC grapes from which we obtain the famous LACRYMA CHRISTI DEL VESUVIO DOC (white-red-rosé).

The company is located within the VESUVIUS NATIONAL PARK immediately close to the panoramic road of Vesuvius of Trecase.

It is easily accessible by bus, even large ones. From the company, all facing south, you can admire the entire gulf of NAPLES with its islands.
Reception upon arrival of groups.

Guided tour of the vineyards, with technical explanation of the capovignaiolo. Visit of the cellar and lunch in the name of joy.

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